“Classic rock, Mario Kart, and why we can't agree on Tailwind”

Matt Fantinel

by Matt Fantinel

14 Oct 2023 - 1 min read

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Likewise, I suspect most people on opposing sides of the Tailwind debate actually completely agree on Tailwind itself. I don’t think our divide centers on atomic CSS, or utility classes; I think the contention comes from valuations we made long before we ever chose our tools. Where one of us sees a selling point, the other sees a flaw.

- Josh Collinsworth, in Classic rock, Mario Kart, and why we can't agree on Tailwind

I've found this gem of an article a while ago, and have been thinking constantly about it ever since. I think its idea of things being good and bad for the same reasons is spot on - and also the reason why we'll never agree on them.

I also dislike the idea of Tailwind, which made me never interested in using it. I prefer having total control of my styles and enjoy a clear separation between templates and styles. This, I guess, makes me a "crafter".

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