From Twitter to Mastodon

Matt Fantinel

by Matt Fantinel

07 Feb 2023 - 2 min read


I’m one of the many people that stopped using Twitter after the latest… 💩 developments since it was purchased by Elon Musk. My account still exists, but I’ve deleted all of my tweets and uninstalled the mobile app, and haven’t opened the website in a good while.

Like many, I’ve moved to Mastodon, and so did ~90% of the people I used to follow. Initially it did feel a bit rough! This forced change required me to adapt and learn how the platform works. But I’m glad I did it!

Nowadays my Mastodon community is almost the same as my previous Twitter one, with a few added people, but it feels tighter. It’s hard to explain, but it seems like I feel much closer to them. I guess the lack of a recommendation algorithm (timeline is always in reverse chronological order) makes people actually see each others’ posts, and liking/replying/boosting(retweeting) is way more common.

There’s one category of Twitter account that hasn’t really moved to Mastodon yet: brands. I used to follow some brands on Twitter just to keep up to date on stuff, and brands like Notion and Arc do a great job with their accounts! But I’m not sure I wanna see that on Mastodon, at least not on that level. The best part of it is how it’s built and used by real people, and not brands or influencers simply seeking engagement. You know, kinda like Twitter in its early days.

If you wanna follow me in there, feel free to do so! I’m on , or you can search me in there by Happy tooting!

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