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AI-generated image of a concrete wall with barbed wire. There's a gap in the wall from which it's possible to see a vast green field below blue skies, with many people walking around and birds flying.

The Open Web and "the masses"

6 min read

A rant about the Open Web and how it is not for everyone - but that's okay.

Official artwork of the game. Link stands on a floating island, with more floating island and clouds in the background

My Review of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

9 min read

A spoiler-free review of the ultimate Zelda game

How to automatically manage Node versions

3 min read

Tired of manually switching Node versions for different projects? Discover how to automate the process using nvm.

Cover of the album

Iron Maiden's "Killers" is a concept album

12 min read

Seriously, hear me out

Photo of fireworks on the night sky

Container Queries Are Here!

5 min read

Responsive web development will never be the same again.

Laptop and phone side by side

Conditional Hover Styles in CSS

2 min read

Have you ever crafted a nice hover effect for an element in your website, then opened it on mobile and saw that effect erroneously appear when that element is tapped on?

Who Runs Our Code

2 min read

In a world with tons of business requirements, conversion metrics, and a stampede of new technologies, front-end development can easily become oblivious of one thing: where our code runs.

From Twitter to Mastodon

2 min read

Turns out the elephant network feels much lighter than the bird one.

An AI-generated image of a boy, seen from the back, wearing a hoodie with headphones, looking to a city in the background. The city is well-lit and the sky is partly clear, but there are some clouds forming around. The clouds merge with what seems to be pollution coming from the city.

2022 In Hindsight

11 min read

A year of big changes, both to me and to the world.

Thoughts on GitHub Copilot

5 min read

I was initially skeptical about it, but I've come to appreciate it more and more as I use it.

Review: Elden Ring

8 min read

My thoughts on what probably is the biggest game release of 2022.

Ethical Analytics are Plausible, at Last

5 min read

Web Analytics is such a morally ambiguous area that I’ve avoided it for years, but now I can finally do it with peace of mind.