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An AI-generated image of a boy, seen from the back, wearing a hoodie with headphones, looking to a city in the background. The city is well-lit and the sky is partly clear, but there are some clouds forming around. The clouds merge with what seems to be pollution coming from the city.

2022 In Hindsight

11 min read

A year of big changes, both to me and to the world.

Thoughts on GitHub Copilot

5 min read

I was initially skeptical about it, but I've come to appreciate it more and more as I use it.

Review: Elden Ring

8 min read

My thoughts on what probably is the biggest game release of 2022.

Ethical Analytics are Plausible, at Last

5 min read

Web Analytics is such a morally ambiguous area that Iโ€™ve avoided it for years, but now I can finally do it with peace of mind.

A sad dog lying on a bed, staring blankly and something off-camera

2021 In Review

11 min read

Another year, another yearly review post. 2021 felt like pretty much 2020 part II for a lot of people, me included.

How I built a blog with Svelte and SvelteKit

14 min read

An overview of the experience I've had using these amazing projects.

Picture of sand with a feather and a footprint besides it

Smarter, Lighter, Better Images: A Guide to Optimization

10 min read

Learn how to reduce page loading times and bounce rate.

How to fix your Favicons

4 min read

Favicons suck. Luckily, there are ways to make them suck less.

Spicing Up your GitHub Profile with HTML and CSS

3 min read

Make your GitHub profile more appealing with what you do best: code!

Photo of a traffic sign saying "Wrong way"

Looking Back at 2020

6 min read

2020 definitely wasn't our best year... but let's remember what was good about it.

CSS Scroll Snapping - Improve Scrolling without JS

4 min read

Learn how to snap scroll positions with CSS only.

Developing an Animal Crossing companion app with Ionic

13 min read

No bells were spent while building this app.