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CSS's "isolation" property is pretty cool

1 min read

I had never heard about it before, but it's a pretty clean way of solving z-index related issues.

AI-generated image of a boy building a tower of apps

My Default Apps: 2023

2 min read

I'm jumping on the trend of posting my default apps!

Picture of a staircase surrounded by vineyards. In the background, a church tower and the blue sky.

Belonging Somewhere

7 min read

I could always see parts of myself belonging to some groups or places, but never really felt like I was truly a part of anything.

“Classic rock, Mario Kart, and why we can't agree on Tailwind”

1 min read

Great article from Josh Collinsworth explaining why Tailwind is good and bad for the exact same reasons.

AI-generated image of a concrete wall with barbed wire. There's a gap in the wall from which it's possible to see a vast green field below blue skies, with many people walking around and birds flying.

The Open Web and "the masses"

6 min read

A rant about the Open Web and how it is not for everyone - but that's okay.

Official artwork of the game. Link stands on a floating island, with more floating island and clouds in the background

My Review of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

9 min read

A spoiler-free review of the ultimate Zelda game

How to automatically manage Node versions

3 min read

Tired of manually switching Node versions for different projects? Discover how to automate the process using nvm.

Cover of the album

Iron Maiden's "Killers" is a concept album

12 min read

Seriously, hear me out

Photo of fireworks on the night sky

Container Queries Are Here!

5 min read

Responsive web development will never be the same again.

Laptop and phone side by side

Conditional Hover Styles in CSS

2 min read

Have you ever crafted a nice hover effect for an element in your website, then opened it on mobile and saw that effect erroneously appear when that element is tapped on?

Who Runs Our Code

2 min read

In a world with tons of business requirements, conversion metrics, and a stampede of new technologies, front-end development can easily become oblivious of one thing: where our code runs.

From Twitter to Mastodon

2 min read

Turns out the elephant network feels much lighter than the bird one.