Hello, I'm Matt.

I am a software engineer from Brazil. My deal is building fast, beautiful and high-quality web apps, but I have also worked on mobile and desktop apps (it was pretty fun!). Whenever possible, I work with Open Source Software (OSS). You can check out my OSS projects below, as well as whatever I've been rambling about on my blog.

  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Open Sourcerer
  • Bullet List Enthusiast
I am quite good at a few things:
  • Angular
  • Vue(X)
  • Ionic
  • Electron
  • (S)CSS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Building UIs
  • Web Components
  • .NET


See what I've been writing about recently

Open Source Projects

Some open source projects that I've been working on recently

Screenshot of the Pocket Companion app

Pocket Companion

A companion app for Animal Crossing New Horizons. Manage your Island, tasks and Critterpedia with this handy web app.

  • Ionic
  • Angular
  • PWA
Screenshot of the Moneta app


A desktop applet that displays currency exchange rates for elementaryOS with Vala and GTK. This is a fork of an existing app that had another purpose, and another example of why Free Software rocks!

  • Vala
  • GTK
  • Native
Screenshot of the Reminduck app


A simple reminder app made for elementaryOS with Vala and GTK. This was my first experience developing native applications for GNU/Linux.

  • Vala
  • GTK
  • Native
Screenshot of this website

Personal Website

The website you're seeing right now. Designed to be pretty, simple, and fast. Close to no JS and no CSS libraries.

  • Jekyll
  • HTML
  • SCSS

Work Experience


Software Engineer | 2019 ~ Now
  • Working on a Vue front-end project, aiming to solve current pains and create new and better processes to manage ticket sales and brokerage;
  • Automating of previously manual processes with Selenium, improving speed and capacity;

SIGE Cloud

Software Developer | 2017 ~ 2019
  • Successfully applying the Microfrontends approach to redesign and modernize a legacy product;
  • Big part on planning and developing a simplified ERP software focused on small companies, built from scratch;
  • Development of a mobile app that acts as an extension to the company’s main product;
  • Development of an internal HelpDesk software, including the creation and execution of support tickets, as well as the creation of reports and views of general data;

Promob Software Solutions

Software Developer | 2014 ~ 2017
  • Maintenance and modernization of the company's services portal;
  • Development and maintenance of many APIs used by other development teams;
  • Refactoring of the company’s internal software structure, according to changes in the business model;
  • Integration with third-party CRM, HelpDesk and ERP softwares;